Identity + Culture

Please note that while I have tried to curate my works within one of the four categories listed above, most of them hover somewhere in-between.

All images copyright John Feodorov. Use of images, except for educational purposes, by permission only.

Collectibles Series 2007 - 2010

“Collectibles” is a series of prints responding to the wealth of bizarre advertising copy that one can find while perusing popular magazines and junk mail, feeding the public’s apparent hunger for exotic, spiritual and hot-bodied Native Americans who are continually accompanied by spirits of wolves, bears and eagles. The prints utilize old photographs of my family members (faces obscured) combined with selected quotes from advertisements for "Indian Style" porcelain figurines directly taken from the websites of The Bradford Exchange and similar manufacturers of exotic kitsch objects. A Navajo rug weave pattern is superimposed over the photographs to underscore issues of authenticity and cultural commodification. My intention is to question the desire for the exotic and spiritual "Other", as well as the efforts of some to commodify their own culture (might I be guilty of this as well?). While on the surface the series addresses the appropriation and misreading of Native American culture and spirituality, it is my hope that it will also motivate the viewer to reflect upon their own desires for connection, meaning and identity.