The Office Shaman

Video and performance, 2001-2005.

The Office Shaman was originally created in 2000 as an exhibition of paraphernalia for a pseudo-business venture. It was later turned into a performance piece for the PBS series, Art:21, with the help of my friend and occasional musical collaborator, Paul Amiel. After receiving a lot of interest, I decided to create a mock info-mercial for the piece in 2005 with Paul and the artist Tim Marsden starring as the tardy employee. I originally intended to send the DVD and promotional materials to various corporate human resource departments, but I ended up moving on to other projects. The Office Shaman is exhibited with a letter of introduction (text below), business cards and "shamanic" paraphernalia accompanying the looped video.

Letter of Introduction:

Dear Corporate Visionary,

You’ve seen it before, an employee straggles in late, perhaps a little disheveled, unshaven, …or worse. Maybe your company has previously reprimanded this employee about their tardiness and lack of motivation. But will this worrisome behavior spread to your other employees like a medieval plague? Or perhaps you have an employee who is a habitual gossiper or flirt. Are they really the kind of team player your company needs and deserves?

Chances are the problem isn’t that you hired bad employees, but that there is some other malevolent influence at work. Sure, you could terminate them, and who would blame you if you did!  However, finding another employee is a waste of precious time and energy, and there is certainly no guarantee the next employee will turn out any better. The Office Shaman® has a better solution. More than half the globe (including many of your clients and customers) believes in evil spirits! I’m not talking about the ghouls and goblins that ring your doorbell on Halloween and yell “trick or treat!” No, this is a much more serious threat. Just like those spirits who dwell within forests, caves and mountaintops, evil forces lurk within your company’s walls, cubicles, break rooms and water coolers. Your employees can become unwilling hosts to demonic forces, putting your company’s profits at instant risk. Outsourcing only adds to the problem since even more strange and damaging spirits are known to dwell within countries such as India, China and Mexico. Your business is in danger from these foreign paranormal anti-capitalistic minions!

That’s where The Office Shaman® comes in! For a nominal fee, The Office Shaman® will perform a magical and spiritually efficient shamanistic ritual that will harmonize your employee’s life goals with those of your corporation, all in just a few minutes! As you know, managing the future requires innovation and strategic planning. Contact The Office Shaman® today to guarantee a workplace free from malevolent spirit forces intent on seeing your business fail!

The Office Shaman®

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